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Oncotherm’s main business is research and development of local-hyperthermia devices for cancer treatment including its production, marketing and sales. Our primary   goal is to create a treatment modality that can be combined with other therapies and is capable to increase the survival time and the QoL of the patient at the same time. This is achieved by creating a method that is capable of selectively targeting tumor cells (on cellular level), and supporting multiple immune reactions like apoptosis, DAMP generation, abscopal effects and many other effects.

Some statistics:          
Established: 1988
Treatments: 200.000+/year
Sold devices: 400+
Quality: ISO 9001, ISO 13485 by German TÜV Süd
Countries: 30+
Continents: 5

Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in 1985 by Dr. Gerhard Sennewald in Munich with the goal of discovering trendsetting electro-medical systems providing innovative and beneficial medical treatments and introducing them in Europe. From the beginning, cancer therapy was in the forefront of the company, with a focus on regional and local hyperthermia. For more information, visit www.sennewald.de

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Heckel is the world-wide distributor of hyperthermia devices based on the technique of water-filtered infrared A, manufactured by Hydrosun Medizintechnik GmbH/Germany. This technology is used for
1. whole-body hyperthermia, especially fever-range WBH as a module of anti-cancer strategies by stimulating anti-tumour immune response and changing tumour perfusion,
2. contact-free, thermography-controlled water-filtered infrared A superficial hyperthermia for the treatment especially of large-sized pre-irradiated local recurrence of breast cancer and other superficial tumours in combination with radiotherapy. 

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Combat Medical – Helping to Combat Cancer with Thermotherapy.  Combat is an innovative, hyperthermia company that has patented its unique aluminium heat exchanger so it accurately controls and delivers heat to within 0.2 degrees of set temperature. Used in conjunction with chemotherapy to target cancer cells more effectively. Combat BRS- Bladder Recirculation System delivers HIVEC TM-   Hyperthermic IntraVEsical Chemotherapy. Used in 33 countries in more than 16,000 treatments, large scale clinical data will be published in the next 12-18 months. Our HIPEC-PRS- Peritoneal Recirculation System utilises a unique C02 closed abdomen technique and is gaining clinical momentum throughout Europe. www.combat-medical.com


Medical Enterprises Group”’s lead product, Synergo®, delivers RITE (RF-Induced ThermoChemotherapeutic Effect) – the simultaneous tri-modality of local, non-ionising radiation, a cooled chemotherapy instillation, and deep tissue hyperthermia, for treating Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer. Superior to chemotherapy and even BCG, the 40-year-old gold standard, it provides durable, long recurrence-free survival and very low progression rates, also in BCG-failures, and in patients with carcinoma in situ where the complete response rate was reported 92% at 8 weeks. Synergo® presents some patients a renewed hope for preserving their bladder before considering major surgery. It is a safe and easy procedure administered in an ambulatory setting. 

Important Dates

Congress Dates: June 21st - 23rd 2017 

Deadline for abstract submission: April 24th 2017 

Deadline for early registration fee: April 24th 2017 

Notification of acceptance / rejection: May 15th 2017 

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